Monday, 20 December 2010


Thank you sexy nachos, print auction contributors and table-keeprs, with your combined talents, the auction successfully raised a mental amount to begin building the foundations for our Big Issue fundraising project, a little more on how this develops later...

Now a bit more on what happend..

Our man of many many talents Gordo photographicated some tidbits of the event, you can see a neat slideshow of his captured images on that there ZINESWAP Tumblr and some information on the Live Zine Workshop he hosted...Oh and how the fun rampaged!! Out of control they were, soon enough a camera and tripod were put to use and a collaborative stop-start animation was on the loose. Will post it up on here once it's dun dun dun.

More to come on Bear Gami II fairly soon, in the meantime, click through the Bear Gami Apostles to peruse the creations of our favourite minds eFacting London right now..I recommend you do..YOU.
Extra special thanks to Joe from Hard Workers Club for the lending of tables, Penny Klein for her very generous efforts in setting up/saving my sanity and Joe from Tropical Waste for DJing Rainbow tinted musix which glitter'd in our ears all day.

Until next time, brave the snow and keep it tidy.


Friday, 17 December 2010

Sam Rees

Meet the friends of Sam Rees and the calpol brilliance of his imagination.

Captain Mike Old Face

Adolph the Pond Dolphin


and his tablecloth JIF print.

See more here


Tuesday, 14 December 2010


//XEROGRAFIK NEWSPAPER will be on sale at The Zulu Zine Symposium, having already exposed itself at MADE, Handmade and Bound and The Alternative Press Fair. You can check out the rest at:


Also dont forget to make it down in time for the print auction for The Big Issue! Grab a ckeeky xmas prezzy AND its for a wikid cause.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Peter Strauli

My name is Peter Strauli. I am a freelance illustrator & cartoonist. The picture above is for the zine being made especially for the Zulu Christmas.

I'll be at the Zulu Xmas with my Box of Delights (hyperbole), selling original art, postcards, and the like, and I will be drawing upon request, and donation, whatever nonsense you ask of me to help raise money for the Big Issue.

Visit my blog:



Heugerger are very pleased to have a stall at the Zine Symposium next week. On the stall we will have our second publication, Heuberger II, Theo Nunn's 'Home Boys' and plenty of t-shirts and prints alongside. Here are a few spreads from our second issue to give you a taste of what we're vibin'

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Friday, 3 December 2010

More prints

I will have a number of prints on the day which will include these...

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Print to auction

Fairy at the bottom of the garden (photo)

Fairy at the bottom of the garden (screen print)

This is a limited edition screen print size 9"x 14" of me as a Fairy in January 2004.
I created this image as a Fairy for a performance called Bedtime Stories. As part of the show I displayed photos of me as a Fairy doing various fairy type duties in Ladywell where I was living at the time.

I will submit this print to auction off for the Big Issue.