Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Introduce You, Introduce Me

Hello there lovely person.
We are Bear Gami.
Our project is titled, quite simply... 'Twelve'.
Your current page is an observation for the projects progressions over the course of its duration.
This is our introduction for clarity...

Celebrating the thinkers, do-ers and cultural tinkers clicking their creative cogs in their 'home' cities, 'Twelve' aims to bring these local commonalities spanning twelve cities into one. Over a period of twelve months, Bear Gami will bring forth a new cultural artefact for all to take home at every event.

Artefact, you know, something of cultural // historical interest, but not necessarily an 'art' object, therefore, we are left with the remains of doing, in other words, an 'Efact'.

Ahhh yes, with the help of our friends at Zineswap, a zine to be made by all on the day to be taken away at the end. The zine is a physical release of the song being contributed towards 'Twelve' by Please, or whichever musical act is performing on the day.

'Twelve' will culminate in all twelve events being published in 'EFACT', a published book and musical accompaniment to reify all the extraordinary talents of those contributors across all cities involved, finally eradicating the physical distance into a simple flip of a page...

And so the plan rolls.

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